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Circular Corrugated Sheets

Everlast Circular Corrugated profile are linear sinusoidal in shape. This traditional profile is the most widely-used type of corrugated sheet. They have a classical look, serving all kinds of basic roofing needs.

Pre-painted sheets in a variety of colours are also available, giving them additional aesthetic value.

Everlast Circular Corrugated Sheets are a perfect choice for general roofing and walling applications. They are designed as per IS 1254: 1991.

Available widths: 1250 mm & 950mm

Troughed (Trapezoidal) sheets

Everlast Troughed (Trapezoidal) sheets have an angular profile with robust design. With an aesthetic look, they are a modern alternative to traditional corrugated metal roofing sheets.

Troughed (Trapezoidal) sheets are also available pre-painted in a variety of colours.

Everlast Aluminium Troughed (Trapezoidal) sheets are a perfect choice for roofing and claddings of industrial as well as domestic applications. They are designed as per IS 1254: 1991.

Available widths: 920mm & 1044 mm


Everlast Stucco-Embossed Sheets are a unique product offering from Hindalco. The ‘stucco’ patterned sheets add a polished look and add aesthetic beauty to your roof.

Stucco-Embossed Sheets, also referred to as Hammer-Clad Sheets, are used for insulation, cladding and panelling.


Everlast Modern Troughed Sheets have an angular profile with a sleek design. They are equipped with a centre rib for better aesthetic, anti-capillary grooves to ensure a leak-proof roof, and an end lip for proper overlapping of sheets. They are a modern alternative to traditional metal roofing sheets.

Everlast Modern Troughed Sheets are a perfect choice for roofing and claddings of domestic applications.

Available width: 1092 mm


Everlast also manufactures traditional and popular Mangalore Tiled shape profile. Elegant looking, Everlast Tiled profile sheets are available in a variety of colours, which add beauty to your roof. They are the perfect choice for domestic roofing.

Available width: 987 mm


Introducing Everlast Super - the toughest Aluminium roofing sheet, a new offering of brand Everlast from Hindalco, the world's largest manufacturer of Aluminium rolled products. Made with a superior grade of Aluminium, these roofing sheets are best in class vis-a-vis any other roofing sheet available in the market.

All of this combined with the benefits of Aluminium make switching to Everlast Super a smart choice.

Available width: 1092 mm

Everlast roofing Structurals

Extend the aluminium advantage to the roof over your house, and giving it a new level of strength and durability. Hindalco presents Everlast Aluminium Roofing Structurals.

Made from a special high-strength aluminium alloy, these lightweight structurals are the best support for your roof.

Everlast Structurals advantages

Special alloy extrusions with high strength

Zero maintenance

Rust and corrosion proof

No painting

Easily re-instable

High resale value

Faster installation

Long lasting

Looks new for a year

No welding hence easy to fabricate